About Us

Phoenix Repertory Theatre Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization seeking to bring innovative theatrical productions to Long Island. It is our goal to produce those plays that you’ve been dying to do that no one ever does. We’re a proponent of non-traditional casting and implore actors of all ethnicities, gender identity and orientation to join our community. We hope you’ll join us on our journey! #RisingAbove

Please consider donating to our cause to keep this special community going via our GoFundMe page!

Phoenix Repertory Theatre Group is the official theatre company in residence at the Babylon Citizen’s Council on the Arts, BACCA Arts Center, 149 North Wellwood Avenue, Lindenhurst, NY

Board of Directors:

President: Paul Lichtman

Treasurer: Jim Black

Additional members TBA

Our Team:

Marketing Director: Jaime Zahl
Contact for press, publicity, or any other marketing materials at jaimeleezahl@gmail.com

Past Stage Managers: Erin Biener, Denise Hagen

Set Construction: Michael Goodwin